Media Campaigns: I secure top-tier coverage for my clients in prominent print, television, radio and online media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Inc, the Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Big Think. I manage every aspect of your campaign, including crafting your story, connecting you with the right reporters, and developing strategies that will engage the media and give you the widest possible coverage. 

Writing/Editing: Whether it's an article you'd like to publish, copy for your website, your book manuscript or professional bio, I'll help you write and edit each piece with precision and detail. 

Kickstarter Campaigns: I've helped my clients raise over a million dollars on Kickstarter. I will help you run your Kickstarter campaign, including teaching you the ins and outs of the Kickstarter platform, producing your video, crafting your message, designing your page, strategizing on rewards and merchandise, sharing your campaign with other influencers in your field, and generating press for your launch. 

Events: I'll organize and promote events that will connect you to your in-person audience and generate visibility for your product. 

Video/Design/Photography: I'll connect you with filmmakers to produce your video, and designers to build you a website, design your book page, and create custom graphics for your Kickstarter page or FB/Twitter headers. If you need a new headshot or photos for your product or event, I'll hire excellent photographers to give you the images you need. I'll also advise you on your existing design/photos to make sure they sell you and your product in the most effective way. 

Media Training: I'll make sure you are prepared for your interviews on radio, podcasts and television. 

Consulting: I offer product and brand consulting services to make sure your product is as strong as possible before it goes to market.