Here's what my clients and the journalists I work with have been saying.

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"I’ve worked with Sabrina a handful of times on pieces I was writing for Bustle.
She’s, hands down, one of the most professional publicists with whom I have had
the pleasure to work and she always brings her A-game. She responds promptly
and needs zero direction – with just a few words from me, she just gets what I’m
looking for and need for a piece. Sabrina is simply fantastic and I look forward to
working with her more on future projects."
— Amanda Chatel, Bustle

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Working with Sabrina was one part education, three parts joy. She took the time to help me understand what promoting a book meant and the different strategies involved. She was unfailingly optimistic, creative, determined, thorough, always patient and open to my ideas. I cannot imagine having launched THE WEIGHT OF LIES without her (and wish I'd had her for my first book's publication). I have no doubt bringing her onto the book's team was one of the best decisions I've ever made, bringing the book a level of exposure I could've only dreamed was possible.
— Emily Carpenter, bestselling author of The Weight Of Lies and Burying
The Honeysuckle Girls


“Sabrina is smart, creative, efficient, thoughtful, dynamic—and fun to work with! I can’t imagine launching my memoir, Raw: My Journey from Anxiety to Joy, without her. I first hired Sabrina when I discovered that the publicist I was working with didn’t book events. My intention was to keep both publicists. But soon Sabrina’s gifts dazzled me, I realized she was extraordinary, and gave her my full campaign. She got right to work and produced impressive results. I was thrilled when Aspire Magazine selected my memoir for their “Top Ten Inspirational Books for June 2018.” Thanks to Sabrina, Raw has been featured in Vegan Magazine, Bad Yogi Magazine, Fearless Soul, Spiritual Media Blog, Chic Vegan Magazine, and elsewhere. She has booked me as a guest on Om Times Radio, Self-discovery Radio, All Things Therapy, and other shows and podcasts in the USA, UK, and Canada. She also helped me place articles, making sure each was written with a slant toward that market. My post for Jane Friedman’s blog, “How to Stay Sane While You Publish,” was selected by The Author Chronicles for their “Top Pick Thursdays! Writers and Readers.” Sabrina booked my 10-stop national book tour, and saved me countless hours interacting with venues after she secured them. Our campaign ended two weeks ago, and I’m already thinking about rehiring her. I cannot recommend Sabrina highly enough. She has integrity, insight, vision, and totally defies the bad rap I’ve heard from so many authors about their publicists. Sabrina is a rare find, a gem, and I feel lucky to have worked with her.”
— Bella Mahaya Carter, author of Raw: My Journey from Anxiety to Joy

"Sabrina is one of my very few, absolute favorite publicists to work with, ever. This is not because I have anything against the profession, but it is incredibly rare that a publicist understands her clients or those she's pitching so thoroughly as Sabrina does."
— Jason Gots, Managing Editor, Big Think

"Sabrina came to Nightpantz before our first Kickstarter launch. Her expertise as a publicist and with the Kickstarter platform guided us every step of the way. With Sabrina's help, we crafted the wording our message and made a heartfelt video that allowed strangers to perfectly understand what we're about. Sabrina also had may great ideas and connections for rewards and merch. The clarity of message and exciting rewards certainly made a difference as our Kickstarter was funded in just 6 days! We even went beyond our funding goal by about 28%. It was a wildly successful campaign. We couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks to Sabrina's guidance, we will be able to make an entire second year of content. Everyone at Nightpantz is so grateful she came into our lives."
— Tim Lacatena, Founder, Nightpantz

"We were THRILLED with the level of communication and commitment Sabrina showed. Kickstarter campaigns are difficult, complicated beasts, and Sabrina understood that from the start (probably better than we did). She kept us on track and on schedule, which was extremely important for such a large-scale project. Additionally, when problems arose, we knew we could always count on her to be there with suggestions and solutions. She is professional but friendly, and got intimately involved with our project, making us feel like we were all on the same team. Exactly what we wanted in a publicist. "
— Bea and Lea Koch, Co-Founders, The Ripped Bodice

"Sabrina developed the PR strategy that helped us launch our leather accessories brand. Through print and digital press, social media, and email campaigns we were able to drive traffic that helped us reach over 110% of our Kickstarter funding goal. Beyond being our PR guru, Sabrina really challenged us in our thinking of how to deliver the best product possible."
— Chris Schmidt, CEO and Co- Founder, Jack Iron

"Sabrina's help was invaluable when I was working on a story for O Magazine. She handled all my requests promptly, and was a pleasure to work with through every step of the process."
— Molly Simms, Senior Editor, Oprah Magazine

"Sabrina is bright, enthusiastic, and helped us shape our campaign to get lots of press coverage in high-quality outlets. Best of all, she really cared about our project and very quickly became part of the team."
— Josh Shayne, CEO, Goodworker

"I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina for several months as she helped us with PR for RentLingo. From the get go, she did a great job of getting up to speed and understanding our company's differentiation and the goals of our project. She was very communicative throughout the process and very open/candid about what we could expect. She absolutely delivered and we got excellent coverage in both national and regional press. I highly recommend!"
— Dan Laufer, CEO, RentLingo

"Sabrina is an excellent publicist. She provided me with fantastic services for an inaugural women's improv festival, Femprov Fest, in the SF/Bay Area. She is very organized, warm, and persistent, with a passion for fully supporting her clients' goals. I will hire her again."
Jill Eickmann, Founder, Femprov Fest

"Sabrina is enthusiastic, energized, organized, indefatigable - and a lot of fun to work with. I'm very glad to have had the chance to work with her, and I'd hire her in a heartbeat."
Bill Murphy, Author/Columnist, Inc

"Sabrina was an invaluable partner in helping me market my first book. Despite a short timeline, she was able to secure high-profile national television interviews (MSNBC, Fox Business, etc.), national and regional radio interviews, print and online coverage, and one meet-the-author event.."
— Kim Palacios, Author, From Preschool to Grad School

"Sabrina has played a pivotal a role in establishing me as a thought leader in crowdfunding. She booked top-tier media outlets for me, including television appearances on Fox and CBS, a video series on Inc, and interviews in Fast Company and the Miami New Times." 
— Alex Daly, Founder, Vann Alexandra

"I've worked with numerous publicists over my writing career but Sabrina Dax is easily the best at her job that I've encountered. She's bright as hell, industrious, tenacious, perky, well-connected and incredibly personable. Given my druthers, I'd hire her for life, and I am damn picky (and sometimes demanding). She's simply fantastic. I wish there were more of her".
— Chip Jacobs, Best-Selling Author, Smogtown


"Sabrina is absolutely fantastic and a treasure to find! She agreed to my project wholeheartedly two weeks before my book was set to launch when I realized I needed immediate assistance to get my book out to the public. In this short amount of time before the book launch and several weeks afterwards, her book publicity has been instrumental in the success of my book. Sabrina was extremely responsive with my emails and weekly (often daily) phone calls. She sought lucrative book exposure opportunities with Women's Health, Bustle, Vice, and many other successful media placements, which created a venue for my mass exposure to others. I found her to be extremely polished, calm, and full of impressive and extensive publicity knowledge. Sabrina lives and breathes the books that she promotes. Her beautifully written press release of my book speaks to the clarity and mature view that she distills from every project. She maintained the same vision that I had for my book and streamlined my publicity opportunities towards that vision. Additionally, she assisted the building of my personal website which I absolutely love. Sabrina is classy, organized, reassuring, and a true pleasure to work with. I felt very comfortable in her care and knew that she was performing to the highest level.  I highly recommend her without reservation and look forward to working with her again for my next project!"
— Dr. Sheila Loanzon, Author, Yes I Have Herpes


"I hired Sabrina Dax to run the media campaign for my two latest illustrated romance novels, The Trouble With Grace and The Spare and The Heir.  I was really excited about the placement the campaign got from Out Magazine, one of the top gay magazines in the country, from The Huffington Post and USA Today as well as RT Magazinewhich specializes in the romance novel community. The articles were great at getting the word out and reaching an audience that was previously unknown to me which was incredibly exciting. I'm really still seeing the impact of these placements and that's the best part of the entire experience. Because the piece in Out was shared more than most of the entertainment pieces it's still reaching new readers in searches and hits.  Sabrina is a delight, she's fun and upbeat and brilliant and has such great ideas about PR. She made the work fun and exciting even when I felt completely burned out or exhausted, or like I couldn't say another word about myself or my work. She was always so incredibly excited to be working on my project that it was really inspiring to me, and so important. I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for PR services of this sort. She's just great to work with and made the entire experience stress free and enjoyable. "
— Jenn LeBlanc, Author, The Trouble with Grace